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My expensive ‘Unlimited’ plan was a waste. Now I pay only for what I use saving tons of $.

$5 month for your line
1.5 ¢/Minute Airtime
0.5 ¢/Text
1.5 ¢/Megabyte
Never pay more than $30 for Data
Call and message with the app over WiFi for FREE

Savings Calculator

I only pay for what I use. Bye-bye big phone bill.

I only pay for what I use. Bye-bye big phone bill.

Just pull out your current provider's bill or estimate your usage by month, to see how low your bill could be.
mins × 1.5¢ = $X.XX
SMS × 0.5¢ = $X.XX
Gb × 1.5¢ × 1000= $X.XX
Free data after $30
Fee: $5.00

Total Boss Revolution Mobile Bill: $60

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You’d save $ per month
with BOSS Revolution Mobile.
That’s $ per year!

Boss Revolution Mobile can save you more money if you connect to WiFi. Use our WiFi savings calculator to see how much you can save.

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Save even more with WiFi

Try to save with Wifi

Using WiFi gives you free data and free minutes with the BOSS Revolution App. Estimate the percentage of data and minutes you can offload to WiFi.


Your new savings will be
$ per month and $ per year
with BOSS Revolution Mobile.
Use more WiFi for more savings!

Total Boss Revolution Mobile Bill with WiFi Savings: $60

Try to use Wifi more for any savings

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I connect to WiFi as often as I can. The more I connect, the more I save! I was able to keep my bill under 10 bucks.

Lower your bill by using WiFi
Download our app and use it whenever you are connected to WiFi
WiFi and our app were made for each other (really!)

Try Our Free App

With the app I can call as much as I want and it doesn’t cost me anything. Even my calls to Mexico and in the US are FREE!

Call any U.S. phone from the app over WiFi for FREE
FREE international calls to Mexico and other countries
FREE app to app Calls and Messages anywhere in the world

Domestic Rates

I say Power to the People... not to the Plan. I just pay for what I use.

Free data after $30 guarantee
Data after spending $30 monthly*
Download the app
and enjoy even more savings!
App Call with Data
App Call over WiFi
Call App-to-App
(US & International)
Message App-to-App
(US & International)

Amazing International Rates

Low calling rates all over the world
1.5¢/Min + Country Rate
App Call with Data
1¢/Min + Country Rate
App Call over WiFi
0¢/Min + Country Rate
International text messages anywhere in the world are only 1.5 cents!

Coverage Map

Reliable nationwide coverage.

Enter your ZIP to check coverage


I can either bring my own device or buy a great value new phone.


Domestic and International services from just $5 a month.

Join millions of loyal BOSS Revolution customers who enjoy crystal clear domestic and international calls. Top Up your account online, through the mobile app, or in person at thousands of participating BOSS Revolution retail locations.

Choose to keep your existing phone, get a new number with an existing Sprint phone, or start with a new phone and number today!